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A new sew-along is starting soon

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Each sew-along starts with a community vote so this is the perfect time to join in. 

I set the general destination, and offer three designs to choose from.

Do you want to get involved? 

Grab a cuppa, this is a 16 min video to get your creative cells excited!

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What else is going on?

Co-crafting sessions


Every week, an occasion to sew together

Like a co-working space but for people who like to sew together.

  • Friendly, drop-in on zoom every week
  • A sewing clinic for all your sewing questions.
  • You don’t have to be sewing to join.

Sometimes you just need to stroke some fabric, look through your patterns or order some supplies. This is about moving the needle!



A mini wardrobe ready-to-sew


4 sew-along

 ✂ Short and long project to suit your appetite

✂ Fitting and alteration for each project

 The garment includes:

✂ A pair of pants

✂ A stretchy top

✂ A dress

✂ A pair of trousers

And our lovely toolbox had a little facelift


Two years on, our toolbox is full of sewing techniques that will help you g achieve top-quality garments.

It’s now been redesigned to make finding what you need super easy.

More video added on a ad-hoc basis.



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