Inside my sewing membership

A new sew-along is starting soon

Join us today to take part

Each sew-along starts with a community vote so this is the perfect time to join in. 

I set the general destination, and offer three designs to choose from.

Do you want to get involved? 

Grab a cuppa, this is a 16 min video to get your creative cells excited!

As a crew member you get

 ✂ A weekly 2-hour-long live co-working session and sewing clinic

✂ Bite size, easy-to-follow videos techniques to up-level your sewing

✂ On tap support from me to resolve all sewing and fitting questions

 ✂ 4 sew-along to start sewing your handmade wardrobe

 ✂ Our new unfolding sew-along

Start sewing with me


Where you

get adventure ready

Where you

acquire new skills


Where you go off


Where you get



Over 20 videos of  knowledge base where I cover the fundamentals from threading a machine to merging pattern sizes.


Step-by-step videos to conquer sewing techniques.

Do you like some accountability?

The community sew-along will be the perfect opportunity to get those skills to good use.

Do you need more people in your life that gets the JOYS of making clothes?

There you found your crew.

+ Basecamp details

→ Self-pace, pick any module


  • Getting to know your machine
  • Threading your machine
  • How to take your measurements
  • How to read a size chart
  • Understanding ease
  • Selecting your size
  • Why cup size matter
  • How to print a PDF pattern
  • How to tile a PDF pattern
  • How to merge sizes
  • 3 techniques to trace your pattern
  • Introduction to cutting
  • Fabric anatomy (grainline, cross-grain, bias)
  • Reading a cutting layout
  • How to work out your own layout
  • How to cut your garment
+ toolbox details

→ A new video every week

Already included:

  • How to sew a centred zipper
  • How to sew a concealed zipper
  • How to sew French seam
  • How to sew French seam combined with slit
  • How to cut a bias strip
  • How to sew a patch pocket
  • How to topstitch
  • How to stitch-in-the-ditch
  • How to sew buttonholes

And much more.

+ Sew along details

→ Follow weekly prompts OR catch up in your own time

 What will we sew?

Wardrobe basics that teach.

I’m choosing patterns based on what you can learn and how it can be pitched for different level.

  1. A semi-fitted dress (Hinterland pattern)
  2. A stretchy top (Hemlock tee pattern)
  3. A pair of pants (Josie pattern)
  4. A pair of trousers (Cass pattern)

What’s to come:

  • Pattern round up
  • Fabric round up
  • Style variation for different level
  • Anticipating fitting problems
  • Sew along garment videos
  • Pattern hack
+ Community details

→ Use much or as little  as you like

 what’s to come:

  • Stir content via polls
  • Ask for help
  • Share your makes
  • Start or join conversations around the joys and challenges of clothes making

I’m Camille,

Since I created Thimble Studios I’ve helped 100’s of women and 3 men to conquer their sewing machines and make their own clothes.

I’ve trained in Fashion, worked in the studios of Alexander Mcqueen and Threeasfour.

A U-turned in my mid 20’s to pursue my interest in sustainable fashion, took me to a wool farm, in Wales to learn the sheperding ropes.

A burning desire to share  the skills behind our clothes is what led me to start my sewing school.

Some of my particular interest in teaching are:

✔ Fitting skills. A garment that fits is the greatest gift to oneself.

✔ Pattern hacks. No pockets? No problem, you can hack it.

✔ I believe making your own clothes is a radical act of resistance against fast fashion. I want to share the tools so you can join the resistance.

✔ Cultivating judgement free zone. All bodies and abilities are celebrated.

✔Extending clothing life through mending and alterations.

Join us now




📣 Sign up monthly or annually (and save 1 month worth)

📣 price locked forever


Is it suitable for beginners?


You can embark on the membership at all levels however if you have never used a machine you might want some extra guidance.

Beginners should start with the basecamps I cover how some machine basics.

The thing with the membership is to stay focus on your next objectives rather than trying to consume all the content.

This is why I offer a 20 min call when you sign up so I can direct you to the best resources for you.

I've made a lot of clothes, what's in it for me?


The membership works well at all levels.

Maybe you won’t stop by the Basecamp and that’s fine.

The toolbox will fill consistently with a healthy mix of beginner, improvers, and advanced techniques.

You will be able to take full advantage of suggested variations during the sew-along.

Focus on pattern fitting techniques, pattern hacking,  practice with new-to-you fabric, or get creative with some drafting.



Do I have to take part sew along?


You don’t have to participate in the projects to make the most of the membership.

That’s totally fine. The project will be in your member area and you will be able to work through them at your own pace.

I do bet you will get totally inspired by seeing what others have made.

Creativity breeds creativity!


Is it like a course?

Memberships work differently to courses.

You get to work through at you own pace with no pressure to take part in community activities (AKA sew-along).

You still get to take advantage of the community support and the implementation system that comes with it.


Can I watch live classes on replay?


Yes! Everything will be recorded and available to you as long as you are a member.

How long do I have to commit?


That’s entirely up to you.

Choose a monthly option and your membership will roll out from one month to the next.

You can pause or cancel anytime, and retain access to all the content until the end of your billing cycle.

If you want to commit to long-term benefits, then join the annual rolling membership (cancel anytime)


Do you offer refund?


Please note that no refunds will be offered but you can cancel anytime.

It is best to sign up as a monthly member rather than an annual if you want to be able to opt-out.

If you have any questions before joining please email me at and I’ll be happy to advise if the program is right for you.

I don't want to join facebook, is it worth me joining?


I totally get not everyone has or wants to be on Facebook.

All the learning content will be on the member’s site (not Facebook)  so you can still enjoy all the classes.

For technical help the Facebook group is ideal but alternatively, I will offer to reach me via email or WhatsApp.

Do you have a question? 

I’m here happy to help.

Drop me a message below and I’ll be in touch shortly. 



Photography by Heather Birnie